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محمد صالح بحرالدين محمد ص 04-12-2017 01:01 PM

Africa Why too Many Children are Recruited-3
Above all, the child jeopardizing has become modern century and contemporary worst trends, through generating, promoting and developing of various risk factors, by creating uncountable manmade crisis numbers, such as war in particular.
We come to find that the earlier enumerated frameworks such as Convention on the Child Rights (CRC), have subjected all signatories and non-signatories countries to exert all efforts , to do whatever possible to provide all necessary assistance, and protection as needed ,to afford all mitigating measures so as to reduce risk, despite all the country to be held committed and accountable for the child protection as common sense, holy task and above all as ethical responsibility as well to provide prevention and timely response as technical protection major concern first priority and one of the estate official task to do so , as required with expectation to build concrete protective environment where ever the child is expected to be or to pass in an eye glimpse, not to apply the global standard of the international community only, but also to feed in the measurements in light of International Peace and Security making and keeping all together.
Governments Despite all morose child recruitment and the growled childhood, with usage in military and what so ever related works has become the most inhumane crisis of multiple consequences during now a days, studies shown that, the fallacy of the child solider is not only isolated to armed militias and non-state actors in part of Africa, child solider has been used by armed groups and national armed forces in recent and ongoing conflicts in many different places such as South Asia, South East Asia. Middle East, and South America at almost 48 countries where there are estimated 300,000 child used as soldiers in 2016 reports as global in scope a far greater problem than suggested by the scant attention it has received, and by the way both Sudan , South Sudan and as well as their rivals are repeatedly listed on annual basis by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has classified them under the categories of countries using children in armed forces and operating of the mass brutality because children are easy targets to recruit for military purposes of their vulnerability to be influenced and brain washed to be reformed and deformed psychologically, socially, and physically before ideologically, also many are seized and recruited by force whereas others join to escape their reality and circumstances especially when the children are living in the situation of savage starvation, or under continuous threat of complex situation, so it the time the recruitment itself is false protection last resort.
That why the United Nations senior level in the extreme report measures has focused on the subject matter in 2011, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon raised the issue of children in conflict area, who are in threat, and involve in a violent activity according to “Extreme Measures" report, and in 2014, more than 17 cases have been Covered about children in armed conflict and many children in different countries involve in such illegal advanced organized criminal practices.
Thus , its convulsed since there are hundreds of thousands children are used as soldiers around the world, also there are many children abducted, beaten, raped and tortured by fire, hunger, chopping of limbs into submission prior to the recruitment formula started and its modalities takes place, beside the fact that that there are some children commonly join the military group so as to escape poverty, defend their communities, relatives, and families out of feeling the revenge or other reasons such as over stress alleviations , with the fact that children known as have no consent and easy to be influenced , controlled and been got rid of them as well when there is chance for that without further requirements such retirement and in-services salaries and entitlements, also children will not take part of any political deal to share power or wealth, and they may have small part of Security Arrangement (SA)at Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) , the process that leaving children as orphans or qualifying them to wide street life at the end , and in case of any political agreements collapse they will be again and over again in battlefield frontlines its time when the second and third commanders line promoted to dominate and to act as extremists especially because the adolescents at level of political immaturity ( The adults among these children from the war zones would be lost in their thoughts , during the conversation with elders from my town, Apart from their fatigue and malnourishment)1 Ishmael Beah said
It has been clearly shown in references to the famous literature and war child novel Along Way Gone of Ishmael Beah, that in many conflicts children take direct part in combat and hostilities , However their role is not limited to fighting, many girls and boys start out in support function extended from sponges, logisticians, cooks, white slavery which entails great risk and hardship with horrible vulnerability by the way up to extent that some of them grow up gradually to command rather to be commanded, to order rather than to be ordered ,to rape rather than to be raped , to kill rather than to be killed , to be perpetrators not victims any more , its time when every positive deteriorated to get negative and everything turned tragically upside-down.
One of the most common task assigned to children beside the direct hostilities involvements is to serve as porters, often carrying heavy loads including ammunition, and canons , and operating the high risky machine guns, and chemical weapons , always adults avoid their usage for the deadly risk that ultimately caused against the operator , over all international banded , forbidden weapon of mass killing and destruction (The arming of children is one of the greatest evils of the modern world, and yet we know so little about it because the children themselves are followed up by the very wars they are forced to wage) SEBASTIAN JUNGER.
Regarding the above mentioned it has been documented that (I saw myself holding an AK47 and walking through the coffee farm with squad that consisted of many boys and anew adults. We were on our way to attack a small town that had ammunition and food) Ishmael Beah said.

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